June 2006


Hey, Everybody!


A lot of really great things are going on this summer!  Promotions for Big Hair Down In Texas are in full swing.  I’m working with a new publicity agent, Miss Rhonda Kelley of Rainmaker Public Relations and Artist Development, www.rm-pr.com, who is working diligently to create a buzz about the CD in major online and print magazines.  I’ll also be working with a radio promotions company to promote the CD to radio both here and abroad.


I am currently putting together a Texas Radio tour for the end of August, and hope to see all you Texans Somewhere Down In Texas!  I’ll also be putting on shows while there.  Locations to be announced.  Check back with the website often for updates on all the details. 


Love and blessings, Debbie Watson






Click here for article about Debbie appearing in Texas Hot Country Magazine,

Article about Debbie appearing in Texas Hot Country Magazine, October 2005


October 2005

Ten Gallon Hat
by Leon Beck

(MusicCityNews.com, August 2005)


Texas country angel Debbie Watson left the Lone Star State several years ago to chase her dream in Music City, but her spirit didn’t stray too far from the Texas border.  She just released her debut CD, Big Hair Down In Texas, on her own label, Big Hair Records.  Monique Grezlik penned the title cut, inspired no doubt by Big Hair and Texas.  Debbie calls the CD “a mixture of western swing meets bluegrass meets rockabilly.”  Debbie, who used to play down in Texas in an all-girl group, Sugar Creek, had her own country band in the Houston area, Debbie Watson and the Hot Watts, until she split for Nashville in 2000.  “I’m happy to say Big Hair Down In Texas is getting played in several countries in Europe, including Germany, Sweden, France, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, and the Netherlands, as well as in New Zealand and Australia,” Debbie reports.  “In addition, Big Hair Down In Texas was ‘Album of the Week’ in The Netherlands the week of July 3.”  The CD is also receiving spins on stations in Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Michigan and Connecticut.  In the works for Debbie is a Texas tour to promote her CD, and a CD release party in the Houston area. ______________________________________________________________________



Big Hair Down In Texas getting European radio airplay!

I’m happy to say Big Hair Down In Texas is getting played in several countries in
Europe Canada, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia (Victoria, Melbourne, and Sydney), Austria, Croatia, Romania, Japan, and The Netherlands.


Here in the States, we are getting played on Joe Baker's Backforty Bunkhouse Show, KNMB, 96.7FM, “New Mexico’s Bear,” and KWMW,105.1FM,”W-105” 6 To 10AM, Saturday mornings in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Go to www.BackfortyBunkhouse.com and click on Backforty Roundup Radio Show, Volume No. 3 to hear a live show by DeeJay Joe Baker featuring Big Hair Down In Texas.


Stations playing cuts from Big Hair Down In Texas:


www.countrybear.com (Lake Placid, Florida)


The Roy Cost Tuesday Radio Show, www.roycost.com, (Conway, Arkansas).  Deejay Roy Cost


Desert Highway Radio, www.live365.com/stations/deserthighway.  Visit guest book and message board!  Deejay Ernest Morrell


All Things Country, Classic Heartland, www.classicheartland.com, (California).  Deejay, Rowena Muldavin


Swingin West, www.swinginwest.com, (Connecticut), Deejay Mike Gross


The Honky Tonk Show, WMMG 93.5 FM, (Brandenburg, Kentucky).  Deejay Paul Priest


HumbleTexas.net Radio, www.humbletexas.net, (Humble, Texas).  Deejay Paul Davis


BZoO HomeGrown Radio, www.bzoo.orgLive streaming and Podcast of HomeGrown Spoken Word and Indie Music.


Western Heart Radio, www.live365.com/stations/westernheartradioDeeJay Gary Bradshaw


Archangel’s Country Club, (Austria).  Deejay Kurt K. Gabriel


Cosmic Cowboy Cafe, 2RRR 88.5FM, (Sydney, Australia).  Deejay Eddie White


Honky Tonk Show, (Victoria, Australia).  Deejay Clifton Burnett


Country Music Enterprises, (Australia), Deejay Ross Murphy


“Country Club,” Radio Columbia 106.9 FM (Belgium) Thursdays, 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.  Deejay Alain Joris


WHP (PenderPirate) TKO Internet Live365, (Canada), Deejay Tom Cunningham


CRDV RADIO/ RADIO ARVERNE, (Chamalieres, France), Deejay Jean-Luc Chanson


COUNTRY MUSIC RADIO, (Krefeld, Germany).  Deejay, Dieter Trenkler


#1 Independent country radio station in the world, Real Country Radio, www.live365.com/stations/uncle27389, Lonestar Cafe Show (RTFM-J), Lonestar Cafe Club DJ Show, Weekly Country Flash (FMKASHI), (Japan).  Deejay Tom Kawai


Charlie’s Country Sunshine, RKK 8:30-9:00am Sundays, (Japan).  Deejay Charlie Nagatani


“Texas Radio,” www.regiofm.info, Regio FM (The Netherlands).  Deejays Eddy and Ria Veldkamp


www.rucphen.fm (The Netherlands) Mondays 9:00 to 11:00 p.m.  Deejay Ries Verwijmeren


Country DO Club, www.Radio3net.ro, (Romania).  Deejay Dorin Marincas, The Transylvania Cowboy


Radio Siljan, www.radiosiljan.com, (Mora – Sweden).  Deejay, Lars G. Lindberg

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