Remember How To Pray
Deborah K. Watson
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Someone told me, shortly after I moved to Nashville, “Debbie, you’ve got to write about what you know.” Church was such a big part of my childhood, and Remember How To Pray came about from remembering my early church upbringing. Every Sunday, we were singing and praising the Lord, and that’s actually where I learned to sing harmony. Some of my favorite memories of growing up were all the times my church friends and I sat around singing together. To me, singing and making music with others is a spiritual experience and a form of prayer.


I sat there every Sunday listening to the Word
With all my friends and family,
some who never really heard
We sang, we laughed, we prayed, we cried
and always, through it all
Jesus sat beside us there to catch us should we fall

When I was young, the Lord was like a beacon in the night
We gave Him all our troubles and let Him fight the fight
But now that I am older and my life has gone astray
Honestly, I'll tell you, I've forgotten how to pray

So raise your voice, I hear them say,
and sing a joyful song
Sing unto the heavens, give praises all night long
The love of God is deep within, and He won't go away
When you return to Jesus and remember how to pray

And even now, from time to time
when I've lost my way
I still remember how it was and how I felt those days
Then sings my soul, How Great Thou Art
the songs we sang each day
They take me back to His love and show me how to pray

Repeat Chorus

Lift your voice, sing the songs, remember how to pray

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