Song For Nana (Nana’s Fiddle)
Deborah K. Watson
© 2002 TMD Publishing (ASCAP)
All rights reserved.

Song For Nana (Nana’s Fiddle) is a tribute to my beloved grandmother, Pearl Blackwell, who had country music aspirations of her own. She and her brother, Uncle Willie Bowers, very much wanted to move to Nashville and play music, but they were never able to. She always said she could only play fiddle when she played with Uncle Willie, and one time when he came to visit, she proved that to me. When she played alone, her fiddle just squeaked and squawked like crazy, but together, they made some beautiful music. I feel like I’m carrying on the family dreams in some way, and I honor Nana with this tribute.

It sits beside the TV in its own little stand
It’s been a good long while since it laid in her hands
Years of dust and broken dreams cling to its bow
Since Nana stopped her playing so long, long ago

She and Brother used to play; oh, they had big dreams
They’d head on down to Tennessee and play the Grand Ole Opry
But Pa, he wouldn’t let ‘em go; he needed them at home
Nashville never saw them there, and never did they roam

When she plays with him, her fiddle’s golden
It comes to life like days of old, and
Those dreams she had, they never died
They’re in her heart, deep down inside

The years went by and Nana lost the dreams that she had
Her fingers couldn’t find the notes; it always made her sad
But when Brother came, she found the soul to pick it up again
The music swelled and sang once more from somewhere deep within

Repeat Chorus

Me, when I was little, I picked up my Nana’s fiddle
And I begged her to teach me how to play
She taught me and I learned it, and now, with Nana’s urging
I’m headed straight to Nashville, for to play

Repeat Chorus

Those dreams she had, they never died
They’re in my heart, deep down inside

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