My Baby Thinks Iím Just Right
Deborah K. Watson
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My Baby Thinks Iím Just Right is a take-me-as-I-am female anthem. This song is totally honest and completely about me. I was looking in the mirror one day and noticed some gray hair. As I played with my hair a little bit trying to cover it up, I finally said, ďWell, I am what I am.Ē And with that, the song was born! I love the great rockabilly, Elvis-sounding style we achieved. Monique, Kenny Thurman, Lee Turner, and I teamed up for the background vocals, which turned out to be reminiscent of The Jordanaires.

The girls might think the clothes I wear
fit a little too tight
Theyíre just mad Ďcause heads turn
when I step out at night
My lipstick might be too red
but who said it canít be bright
Well, my baby thinks Iím just right

My skin might not be quite as firm
as it was at 24
And I might not see quite as well
As I did before
My face reflects good living
My hair is turning white
But my baby thinks Iím just right

I am what I am and Iím not what Iím not
Iím seasoned like real fine wine
I love being me; I wonít act out a part
Iím better with passing time

Iím bossy and Iím jealous
and at times I speak my mind
If youíre asking my opinion,
Well, you wonít hear me lie
Iím stubborn and impatient
and sometimes I like to fight
But my baby thinks Iím just right

I am what I am so donít be so uptight
My baby thinks Iím just right

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