I Meant Every Word She Said
Deborah K. Watson
© 2002 TMD Publishing (ASCAP)
All rights reserved

The four original songs I’ve included on my CD come from the heart. The first, I Meant Every Word She Said, is a slow country ballad about love unrequited. Monique gave me the idea for this song one night while we were out listening to music. We were at Legend’s Corner in Nashville, and it was standing room only. We overheard somebody getting her words all twisted up while trying to make a point, and Monique said, “Yeah, I meant every word she said!” I immediately thought of the entire scenario for the song.

For years now, I've watched you walk into this bar
as friends, we've grown over time
But somehow my feelings have gone far beyond
and I hoped yours would, like mine
I've tried and I've tried, but the words never came
to say just how I felt
Now, I've waited too long, and you've found somebody else

It was my feet that moved as you danced with her
my arms that held you so tight
They were my words you heard, when she softly said,
"Oh, babe, I'm so glad you're mine"
When she told you she needs you and can't let you go
Lord, how'd she get in my head?
When she whispered, "I love you,"
I meant every word she said

They say when you wait, all can be lost
ol’ time, it never stands still
If you’re waiting for courage to knock on your door
well, maybe it never will
When you walked in with her, you were both so in love
my heart filled up with dread
But I had to agree when I heard every word she said

Repeat Chorus

When she whispered, “I love you,”
I meant every word she said

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