Big Hair Down In Texas
Monique Grezlik
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For those of you who have seen me play in Houston, you may remember my singing partner, Monique Grezlik. In addition to being a member of my band, The Hot Watts, she was also a member of the female trio, Sugar Creek, and the three of us girls used to ride to the gigs together and then go to the ladiesí room to do our makeup and hair. We would jack that hair up just as high as we could because, as any self-respecting Texas woman knows, thatís how you wear your hair in Texas! Monique was inspired by the humor in that situation and wrote Big Hair Down In Texas. Anytime Iíve ever sung the song, people have loved it. I consider it my theme song, and there was no question but that it would be the title track for my first CD.

Well, I got my favorite dress on, but it might be a Wrangler night
The girls will be along in just awhile
And I know theyíll have their makeup on
a little more than they usually wear
But most of all, I know, theyíll have really big hair

We got big hair down in Texas on a Saturday night
You can find us on the dance floor holding some cowboy tight
Well, the band is playing hot, and it wonít be long till last call
We got big hair down in Texas, so come dancing with us, yíall

Now, some folks say itís not the way that you look
Itís the way you are inside
Well, I know that itís true, and I donít mean to be unfair
But if you honky-tonk in Texas, youíve got to have Big Hair

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

We got big hair down in Texas
We got big hair down in Texas
We got big hair down in Texas, so come dancing with us yíall

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